What will you have to do? Nothing! Just relax and let the captain do the rest.
What will you have to do? Nothing! Just relax and let the captain do the rest.
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The Divine Coast

The Amalfi Coast

Capri is a breathtaking island in an equally breathtaking corner of the Mediterranean. Just minutes across the water, 50 kilometers of Italy's gorgeous Amalfi Coast awaits to be explored.

The best way to discover this dramatic coastline? Without a doubt by sea on a private boat from Capri, passing the Li Galli Islets and stopping at the town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast to wander the picturesque shops and lanes.

Boat Tour of the Amalfi Coast, departing from Capri

My favorite Amalfi Coast boat tour itinerary includes:

  • Departure from Marina Grande aboard a traditional wooden "gozzo" boat with a large sun shade, beach towels, an ice chest with water, beverages, and my "mamma" Rita's own limoncello.
  • Arrival at Punta Campanella where we will skirt the boundaries of the Marine Reserve. We often spot dolphins and sea turtles here!
  • Sail around the Li Galli Islets, where, according to legend, the Sirens attempted to seduce Ulysses with their song. From the sea, we can make out Rudolph Nureyev's villa on Gallo Lungo.
  • Sail to Positano. From the sea, you can admire the unique sight of this coastal village's dizzying vertical heights, with colourful houses which seem to tumble down the cliff-side directly into the water.
  • A stop in Positano, where you can hop off for a walk along the narrow lanes and steep stairways of the centre of town, lined with shops and boutiques.
  • Upon request, we can stop for lunch at a restaurant on the water's edge, or have an informal picnic on board.
  • Return to Capri

Your day at sea is guaranteed to be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your entire vacation on Capri!

Boat Tour from Capri to Nerano

Nerano, just a short sail from Capri, is a tiny fishing village encircling a cove where time seems to have stood still for the last century.

Nerano is known by locals for its waterfront restaurants and excellent cuisine. Among the most famous traditional dishes is "Spaghetti alla Nerano", pasta tossed with zucchini in a style invented here and famous around the globe.

My favorite Nerano boat tour itinerary includes:

  • Departure from Marina Grande in Capri
  • A sail along the boundaries of the Marine Reserve of Punta Campanella
  • Arrival at Nerano, where we switch to a smaller craft to reach the Da Mariagrazia Restaurant
  • Lunch at the restaurant where the famed dish Spaghetti alla Nerano was invented, beloved by Jackie Kennedy. Here you must sample the mixed appetizers, spaghetti, and a good bottle of white wine!
  • A bit of free time to relax on the beach...and maybe even have a short nap
  • Return to Capri in late afternoon

Boat tours boarding in Positano and disembarking on Capri

This tour is perfect for those visiting Positano who would like to discover Capri with a local skipper. We especially recommend this tour in the summer months when Capri is particularly crowded with day-trippers.

  • Your boat will come pick you up in Positano, at the Spiaggia Grande pier
  • After a sail along the Amalfi Coast, we'll head towards the Li Galli Islets, where we'll stop for a swim.
  • Arrival at Capri and island tour, stopping to visit the Grottoes
  • Drop off in Marina Grande where you can disembark and take the funicular uphill to the Piazzetta and the centre of Capri town
  • After your walk, you can travel back to Positano by ferry with a late afternoon route from Capri to Positano.
Gianni's Boat can also arrange:
Water Taxi to Positano

Option of embarking directly from the Capri port for all the coastal destinations along the Amalfi Coast:

All day sails:
  • Boat tours of the Amalfi Coast, disembarking at Positano
  • Boat tours of the Amalfi Coast, disembarking at Praiano
  • Boat tours of the Amalfi Coast, disembarking at Amalfi
My favorite restaurants in Positano:
  • Hotel Il San Pietro
  • Hotel Le Sirenuse
  • La Gavitella
Do you have something special in mind for your boat tour of Italy's Amalfi Coast?

We can create an unforgettable itinerary together for your day at sea between Capri and the Amalfi Coast.